EastEnders airs heartbreaking confession for Shirley Carter as soap revisits death plot

EastEnders’ Linda Carter was left feeling pretty bad after the soap revisited a tragic death storyline for Shirley Carter

EastEnders revisited a heartbreaking death storyline on Thursday, as it was confirmed it was seven years since Heather Trott died, and her best friend Shirley Carter was struggling to cope.

Heather was accidentally killed by Ben Mitchell, with her son George then moving away from the Square to live with his father Darren Miller.

Shirley was acting out of character during Thursday’s episode, following the news pal Jean Slater was battling cancer.

She had allowed her to stay with her at The Queen Vic, only for daughter-in-law Linda to tell her she had to leave.

After trying to force Shirley to tell Jean she had to move out, Shirley had enough and told Linda she would have to do it herself.

When the time came, Linda broke the news to Jean as Shirley stood next to her, causing her to storm off.

It was clear Shirley was upset by the situation, while she hid the fact she was also struggling with the anniversary of her best friend’s death.

Jean did know what day it was though, recalling Shirley struggles with the anniversary every year.

Telling Linda not to worry about Shirley’s behaviour, she then dropped the confession that it was the day Heather died seven years ago.

Linda was mortified at having forgotten, feeling bad for not comforting Shirley and instead making the day harder.

Jean revealed Shirley had been faffing about earlier trying to make the flowers look nice at the crematorium.

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