Holly Willoughby ‘replaces’ mortified Phillip Schofield – then he’s asked to leave

Phillip Schofield was left mortified when Holly Willoughby “replaced” her co-host with another famous face.

Horrified Holly had her head in her hands after making the hilarious blunder on today’s This Morning.

The presenter was supposed to be introducing comedian Jimmy Carr onto the show but she got slightly confused.

Holly said: “He’s back and he says presenting This Morning is his ideal job. Watch out Phillip Sch…”

Correcting herself, giggling Holly continued: “Phillip Schofield is sat next to me.”

Realising her error, Holly put her hands to her face as Phil looked stunned.

The camera panned to Jimmy, who held his arms outstretched in shock.

She said: “I’ve actually just introduced him as you.”

Phil admitted: “I don’t even know what happened then.”

Red-faced Holly confessed: “I think I might have replaced you instantly.”

Revealing his shock, Phillip replied: “Oh my God that was so fast in your head. Do I mean so little to you? It’s so easy to do.”

Holly then continued the joke by waving at Jimmy and shouting: “Hi Phil.”

As the show went into an ad break, poor Phillip collapsed with his head in his hands.

Things got worse later on in the show when Jimmy had a proper go at presenting.

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