Sony Ericsson is now Sony Mobile Communications


Last year in October, Sony Corporation set out to buy the complete control of the Sony Ericsson mobile phone venture, from its Swedish partner, in order to boost its offerings and catch up with competitors, like Apple and Samsung. Sony now completes the buyout of Ericsson’s 50 percent stake. The Sony Ericsson company is now completely owned by Sony, and it will now be called Sony Mobile Communications.

With this move, Sony plans to integrate its mobile phone and gaming console portfolios. Sony was also looking testing waters on the tablet front and we will now see two tablets emerge from the company. The Sony Tablet S, which we reviewed, saw Sony include gaming touch with preloaded games and a touch Sony controller interface.

So, basically, Sony decided on the buyout to give a seamless single interface by integrating its portfolios, just like how it is offered by the iOS platform. After completion of the deal, Sony can now own specific handset patents, which are held by Ericsson and can integrate it into its own range of products and online content. Sonys tablets, games and other consumer electronics devices have been kept separate, and do not mingle with the mobile phones sold under the Sony Ericsson brand.

The buyout by Sony was in talks for some time before the company actually took the plunge. No sooner than the deal became public, we saw Ericsson bag a major role with Airtel of managing its network in India. Ericsson manages about 70 percent of Airtel’s network in India. Now, with the completion of the buyout, we should expect some innovations waiting to hop out of Sony’s kitty. Most Likely Sony plans to deliver an interconnected and seamless approach by keeping its tools interconnected. Sony cell phones may come with a better digital ability and dash of gaming. Let’s wait and watch, what’s in store for users from Sony Mobile Communications.