Top 3 Great Anime Series of All Time

Nowadays entertainment is consumed in a totally different manner and same goes for games. We all have been exposed to the world of games and amines in our childhood. It depends on which genre you’re tuned into. There were many shows where that used to air in 80’s like dragon ball.  All animes series like these built a great fan base at that time and few of them have continued to maintain the same kind of level and excitement till date including dragon ball super episodes. These series were popular back then and till date, they’re in news and for all the right reasons.

There is no limit when it comes to entertainment here’s why we’ve come up with a list of other famous and most loved anime shows dragon ball to provide more value to our users and they can enjoy entertainment like never before. So, without doing a further ado let’s get into the other famous anime series of all times.

Seven Deadly Sins

If you like Dragon super ball then you’ll also admire seven deadly sins. It is an action-packed adventure which rotates around Melidas who is on a mission to save the world. We chose this as it plays a big role to that of Goku on this journey to put a halt to the evil that is threatening the world.

Both these characters have a team of other friends, who help them along their journey to put an end to the terror that lies ahead, while they have some of the unique power that they’ve revealed within to aid them in battle.

Death Note

For those people who don’t know much about “Death Note”. It is a successful thrilling and suspenseful anime. Its storyline ideas are like principles and honesty grounded. The story is relatively suspenseful and it reveals it marvelous plot kinks that will keep you predicting repeatedly. The whole Death Note series swaps around Yagami Light, and it learns a commanding notebook that allows the owner to kill the person whose name is written in it.


Lastman is another advanced dynamic series on the theme of crime, boxing and a secret group of super-powered anti-heroes! It is an excellent blend of action, comedy, and drama that really shines out with the aid of some of the great characters along with discourse and writing.


Naruto is one of the most audacious and engaging anime of all times. It’s a glee for all the Ninja lovers out there as the whole theme is played in the world led by Ninjas. Naruto, our main character, is an innocent and over-passionate character interested to become the greatest shinobi of all time.

Every action sequence is very pleasing. We regularly see ninjas playing in different backgrounds and knowledge sets combat one another.